Environment Protection

Sustainable Forest and watershed Resources Management Project

A project that aims to manage forest and watershed resources in a sustainable way. This means that the project will take into account the needs of both the present and future generations, and will ensure that the resources are used in a way that does not damage the environment or the people who depend on them.

There are many different types of sustainable forest and watershed resources management projects. Some projects focus on reforestation, while others focus on watershed restoration. Some projects focus on education and outreach, while others focus on policy and advocacy.

No matter what type of project it is, all sustainable forest and watershed resources management projects share the same goal: to ensure that these important resources are managed in a way that benefits everyone

Here are some of the benefits of sustainable forest and watershed resources management

Project objectives

on 293 ha including 60,690 Avocadoes trees, 60,690 Mangoes trees, 102,000 Grevillea Robusta trees and 102,000 Cassia Siamea trees

on 85ha mandatory 10m wide buffer strip alongside Umuvumba River;

were Planted on 300 ha of protected land alongside Akagera river

to poor households with beneficiaries’ contribution of 20% of the total cost.

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Support to 200 poor households were supported to access EDCL earmarked subsidy for promotion of biogas by contributing 12.5% of the total cost and the beneficiary him/herself 12,5% for accessing 75% EDCL earmarked subsidy

  1. preparation of nurseries for agroforestry, forestry trees, and Bamboo;
  2. preparation of agroforestry, Bamboo and forestry trees planting sites,
  3. transplantation of Bamboo stem cuttings and forestry trees seedlings
  4. on protected land; installation and maintenance of rainwater tanks;
  5. installation and maintenance of canvas biogas digester; manufacturing,
  6. marketing and installation of improved cook stoves.