About Us

Bamporeze Association (BA) is a family and child focused organisation which has been operating in Rwanda since 1996.

The idea of establishing Bamporeze was motivated by the unfortunate repercussions left by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi where over 1 million people lost their lives, a significant number of people fled the country and others were charged and jailed due to the Genocide related crimes. This left a worrying number of vulnerable orphans, Widows and Widowers in dire need of humanitarian support and Psychological support. In an effort to combat those challenges, to advocate for child rights and to promote women empowerment, a group of christian women led by Rev. Jeanne d’Arc Muhongayire came together to create a non-profit organisation with the name Bamporeze.

Over the years, Bamporeze has been involved in several programs which aim at serving, supporting and empowering vulnerable members of the communities through transformative approaches of alleviating poverty and building resiliency. Initially Bamporeze focused on delivering humanitarian support entailing shelters, food support and basic need materials as the country was recovering from devastation left by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Currently, Bamporeze has evolved and has extended its impact through multiple programs  which focuses on poverty alleviation, peace-building, advocacy for people with disabilities, people living with HIV, children from single parents, young mothers, men as well as other Marginalised groups who are often excluded from development with the purpose of empowering them for sustainability.

Legal Status A family and child-focused local NGO established in 1996, registered by Rwanda Governance Board and operating in Rwanda with legal personality No 056/17.

Bamporeze Association envisions a community where vulnerable families, children, orphans, women and youth are empowered for sustainability’

We focus on life transformation for vulnerable children, women and youth in our chosen communities.

• Christianity: Being inspired by the Christian principles of compassion, love and genuine service to those in need.
• Dignity & Respect: To support children and families in dignified and respectful ways.
• Accountability: Takes responsibility for both actions and outcomes.
• Responsibility: Being accountable for results, conscientious, reliable, and trustworthy.
• Ownership & Participation: Meaningfully engages the communities in finding their own solutions.
• Team work& partnerships: Working as a team and collaborates with partners and like- minded organizations.
• The Uniqueness of Children: Children are unique, particularly orphans and other vulnerable children.
• Inclusiveness: Ensuring that no one is left behind in development.